Our Facilities

Progressive Pilates operates out of a modern, comfortable studio. Located in central Hamilton, the Pilates studio is air-conditioned, fully equipped for comfort and offers plenty of off street dedicated parking.

A pleasant 5 to 10 minute walk will have you shopping in the central city.


Just through the reception area The Studio is where all small group and private clients are accommodated. Pilates apparatus including Arc Barrels, Reformers, Stability Chairs and our Trapeze Table are located in this studio.


Two identical mat rooms, situated side by side accommodate clients specifically involved in mat classes. Both rooms provide a comfortable, air-conditioned and relaxed supportive environment.


Other facilities include a welcoming reception area, and 3 separate change areas incorporating toilet/shower amenities for men, women and disabled clients. An access ramp and separate carparks are also available for the disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start Pilates?

In most cases, you will start Pilates at the beginning of a term. Often due to high demand and to cater for late registrations, additional mat classes will be added to the existing term timetable.

Do I have to do Matwork before Reformer?

No, but elements of matwork may be introduced into your reformer workouts if necessary to assist you in understanding basic Pilates principles.

When do mat terms run?

We run four mat terms per year.  Mat terms run for 12 weeks.  Depending on demand, we may start a shorter mat term for a group of people who can't wait for the next scheduled mat term to begin.  

Do I need to start with the Essential 1 programme?

For those with little or no Pilates experience, you will start at the Essential 1 level. Those with previous Pilates experience will be assessed and placed in an appropriate class level.

What do I wear and bring?

Wear what is comfortable for you, but ensure your clothing allows you to move freely. Footwear is not necessary. It is recommended you bring a towel and water for re-hydration during Pilates training.

How long do sessions last?

All sessions including reformer last approx 55-60 minutes. Enough time is left at the end of each session for instructor feedback and discussion.

Can I do Pilates when I am pregnant?

Yes, provided it is part of an ongoing Pilates programme you commenced prior to conception. It is not advisable to start Pilates during your pregnancy, but your instructor will provide specialist advice in this area.

What if I have an existing injury or condition?

Existing conditions and injuries must be disclosed to your instructor prior to commencing Pilates. Your Pilates Instructor is also trained to ask you for these details. In almost all cases, and often after discussion with your personal physician, a suitable and effective Pilates programme can be designed for you.

Can I bring along a friend to Pilates?

You are welcome to bring a friend to observe Pilates, however due to you being in a progression-based fitness regime, they will not be able to join in.

can I pay by Direct Debit?

We accept payment by cash and direct debit.  If you wish to pay by direct debit/online our details are ANZ: 06 0317 0653974 00