We are only as good as our instructors.

We have a small but special group of Pilates instructors. While they are all STOTT PILATES® trained, Progressive Pilates instructors are continually in learning mode. We place significant emphasis on exposing our instructors to the same pilates training programmes so they are able to maintain and apply a consistent approach and technique to their teachings.

Progressive Pilates experienced instructors are encouraged to understand as much as they can about their clients. By displaying an empathetic approach to their clients needs, they form a closer and hopefully longer lasting relationship with them.

Sonia Lidington - OWNER

Favourite fruit?  Raspberries and pineapple.

Typical day?  Starts at the studio at 6.30 or 7.30am.  I spend the main part of the day enjoying my clients company.  Most of my time is in the studio with private clients or Small Groups, and maybe a mat class through the morning too.  Lunch break from 2.30pm, back at the studio for the evening clients and classes.  Now the kids are all adults and independent, days are a little less pressured. Weekends I still enjoy following my kids in their sports.

My ideal day?  I love all the time I have with clients, and would miss not seeing and instructing all of you. A little more 'me' time though wouldn't go astray (I am sure my husband would like me a little less grumpy at times).  

What to bring me on a cold day?  A lot of you already know because you bring it to me regularly - hot chocolate and something sweet.

Date of Birth? 9th May

Favourite Pilates exercises?  Semi circle wins hands down for me on reformer.  Mat not so obvious, but probably sidebend/twist.

Most embarrasing studio moment?  Something to do with a skirt, a tree and a reformer (I can hear some clients laughing!).

Five things I can't live without? My husband and kids, lunch/cake with girlfriends at one of Hamilton's great cafes, my monthly massage, a good bag of lollies (licorice allsorts, fruit sticks and pineapple lumps), and a great big cuddle every now and then.

If I could change one thing about my body (without surgery) what would it be?  To switch off my over developed lower back muscles. That way, I could employ my thoracic extensors without using props.

The reason I am addicted to Pilates?  It's an amazing technique that allows your body to be strong, flexible and continue to function efficiently. It's about teaching our clients more about their bodies, not just exercising for the sake of it. This technique makes a difference to the way you move and function in your everyday lives.

Favourite muscle?  Wow, so many to choose from!  Coracobrachialis - only because it sounds so impressive. Muscle of the moment has to be the glutes - from the biggest right down to the very smallest.

Jodi Gowers - INSTRUCTOR

Favourite fruit?  I’m a Libran so its hard to have one favourite anything – however summer stone fruits are high on the list (apricots, nectarines, peaches), as well as passionfruit, melon, tamarillos…. the list could go on.

Typical day?  Alarm goes off, hit snooze, (repeat x3), get up go to job #1, walk or gym at lunchtime, head to Studio around 4.30pm, prep, then teach, head home, eat,  rehash class plan and format next weeks, go to bed, and hopefully fall asleep straight away (but not generally!)

My ideal day?  The sun is shining and its warm, I leap out of bed (no alarm needed), have a studio pilates session, teach pilates most of the day, try and squeeze in 9 holes of golf, before heading home for a delicious freshly prepared meal dinner - preferably cooked for me… (is an ideal day the same as a dream day?)

What to bring me on a cold day? Something warming like soup or chamomile tea; and/or a merino garment…..

Favourite Pilates exercises?  Can’t pick one – I have favourites.  On the Mat Slow Double Leg pretty much everything on the chair or reformer.

Most embarrasing studio moment?  I am sure the big one is yet to come but plenty of silly little ones  - calling my humerus my femur, stuttering over words etc

Five things I can't live without?  Eeekkkk – only 5 – hanging with friends & family (they count as one), a good nights sleep, my music collection (my ipod – why didn’t I get one earlier), books, fresh produce (veges, fruit, all food really..), sunshine, quality body products, shoe shopping …..

 If I could change one thing about my body (without surgery) what would it be?  Legs!  Longer leaner legs with longer leaner muscles – without grippy hip flexors, or lateral rotators that aren’t super tight and restricting.  It would be nice to be able to sit up in vertical neutral comfortably with legs extended or be able to sit in Z position without a pillow under one glute.  But realistically I probably need to work on my shoulder girdle.

The reason I am addicted to Pilates?  What a civilised way to bring exercise and movement awareness into your life – not only in the studio but in day to day living.  Increase your mobility, strengthen what needs strengthening, improve your posture, and your overall health, understand what parts of your body should be moving and working, and just as importantly what shouldn’t be.  A discipline that can take you through the stages of your life at all ages.  To top it off it is done in a non threatening, supportive and positive environment – where the instructors/teachers are really concerned about bringing better movement and health to an individual/individuals.  It’s really important as we age, especially as we live longer, to maintain good health and mobility – pilates can play a large part in this.  So what’s not to like?  Hi - Im Jodi & Im addicted to Pilates……

Favourite muscle? No surprise here, I have favourites – which change a lot.  The muscles around the shoulder girdle, back and arms are fascinating - rotator cuff muscles, serratus anterior, delts, etc are fascinating – so many little muscles that do and control so much (and they are a little flashy and easy to see).

jo - instructor

Favourite fruit: Rockmelon, boysenberries, apples, pears....... too many to pick just one!  Apple and boysenberry make a yummy combination in a crumble....just saying. 

Typical Day: Greet the day (usually with the assistance of an alarm), head in to my first job.  From the afternoon it's prepping to teach classes, practicing my moves (pilates not dance....I hope no one ever sees my dance moves) or if I am lucky enough, attend a pilates class taught by a fabulous fellow instructor.  Head home, eat, blissfully fall asleep.

Ideal Day: Summer: Morning walk or run along the beach with my fiancee.  The rest of the day would be free of a schedule and may include the following - Great coffee (while catching up with friends and family), a swim in the ocean, a pilates class, a spot of baking and to finish, dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants New Zealand has to offer.  Winter - Skiing all day on a mountain in Canada or the USA.  (I haven't skiied in Europe yet, but I'm sure I'll love that too).

What to bring me on a cold day: Soup (pumpkin or vegetable).

Date of birth: 12 November

Favourite Pilates Exercises: Funnily enough it is actually the roll up.  I still require the assistance of props due to my flat back, but I love that feeling of articulating through the spine and using my abdominals for control and strength.  

Most embarassing studio moment:  Hmmm.... nothing as yet, but it I'm sure it will happen!

Five things I can't live without: Family, friends, chocolate, merino wool (is there anything they can't make from this wonderful fibre) and sleep.

 If I could change one thing about my body (without surgery) what would it be? More flexibility in my hamstrings.  Open Leg Rocker would definitely flow more smoothly!

The reason I am addicted to Pilates?  What an inclusive form of exercise!  It is suitable for almost every age and ability.  The principle of moving mindfully can assist us in our everyday lives as we become more aware of our posture and how we move through our daily tasks.

Favourite Muscle? Probably the glutes.  Often under utilised but very powerful and strong once you get that connection.