Our Facilities

Progressive Pilates operates out of a modern, comfortable studio. Located in central Hamilton, the Pilates studio is air-conditioned, fully equipped for comfort and offers plenty of off street dedicated parking.

A pleasant 5 to 10 minute walk will have you shopping in the central city.


Just through the reception area The Studio is where all small group and private clients are accommodated. Pilates apparatus including Arc Barrels, Reformers, Stability Chairs and our Trapeze Table are located in this studio.


Two identical mat rooms, situated side by side accommodate clients specifically involved in mat classes. Both rooms provide a comfortable, air-conditioned and relaxed supportive environment.


Other facilities include a welcoming reception area, and 3 separate change areas incorporating toilet/shower amenities for men, women and disabled clients. An access ramp and separate carparks are also available for the disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start Pilates?

In most cases, you will start Pilates at the beginning of a term. Often due to high demand and to cater for late registrations, additional mat classes will be added to the existing term timetable.

Do I have to do Matwork before Reformer?

No, but elements of matwork may be introduced into your reformer workouts if necessary to assist you in understanding basic Pilates principles.

When do mat terms run?

We run four mat terms per year.  Mat terms run for 12 weeks.  Depending on demand, we may start a shorter mat term for a group of people who can't wait for the next scheduled mat term to begin.  

Do I need to start with the Essential 1 programme?

For those with little or no Pilates experience, you will start at the Essential 1 level. Those with previous Pilates experience will be assessed and placed in an appropriate class level.

What do I wear and bring?

Wear what is comfortable for you, but ensure your clothing allows you to move freely. Footwear is not necessary. It is recommended you bring a towel and water for re-hydration during Pilates training.

How long do sessions last?

All sessions including reformer last approx 55-60 minutes. Enough time is left at the end of each session for instructor feedback and discussion.

Can I do Pilates when I am pregnant?

Yes, provided it is part of an ongoing Pilates programme you commenced prior to conception. It is not advisable to start Pilates during your pregnancy, but your instructor will provide specialist advice in this area.

What if I have an existing injury or condition?

Existing conditions and injuries must be disclosed to your instructor prior to commencing Pilates. Your Pilates Instructor is also trained to ask you for these details. In almost all cases, and often after discussion with your personal physician, a suitable and effective Pilates programme can be designed for you.

Can I bring along a friend to Pilates?

You are welcome to bring a friend to observe Pilates, however due to you being in a progression-based fitness regime, they will not be able to join in.

can I pay by Direct Debit?

We accept payment by cash and direct debit.  If you wish to pay by direct debit/online our details are ANZ: 06 0317 0653974 00

Top 5 Benefits of Mat Classes


It’s the least expensive class at most Pilates studios so most people find a consistent practice that leads to results.


Mat classes are everywhere! But the classical ideals and principles, which make for a truly challenging mat class, are mostly found at Pilates studios


Mat classes are great for realigning imbalances in the body with low impact exercises. Pilates eases stress on the spinal column and teaches you how better to hold your body.


The stories shared, the friendships forged, the laughs to be had and the coffees after class.


Pilates Mat classes will teach any beginner the principles of Pilates – an Essential 1 course must be completed before moving in to the ongoing options.

Top 5 Benefits of a Private Session

Customized Pilates Workout

Learn your body like never before through the tutelage of your own certified Pilates trainer that works with you for  results. Pilates Privates are recommended for those with injuries, athletes, dancers, and anyone wanting the luxury of personal attention.

Fast Results

Thanks to having access to all the Pilates apparatus within a Private session and the total focus of your trainer.


You book a time that works in your schedule rather than sticking to a pre-set class schedule.

The RX for Injuries and Special Cases

A series of Pilates private sessions is the best dose for back pain, and other injuries.

A Committed Trainer

A Pilates instructor’s trained eye is crucial for proper form and ultimate results. They ensure it never gets boring by introducing something new always in variations, new props, new equipment and constant motivation.  

Top 3 Benefits of a Duet Session


Customized Pilates Workout For Two

Like a Private Session, the Pilates Duet session is designed similarly but includes the fun of sharing it with a friend, partner or co-worker, mother.

More Motivation Brings Real Results

Working out with a partner is more motivating.

Cost Effective

With Pilates Duet Sessions you save money but still receive individualized attention from a Pilates instructor

Top 4 Benefits of Small Group Sessions


The building of a  united team with the others in your session.  The laughs are plenty, the stories shared are many, and the time together is a highlight in each week.


With only 4 people in the class, the Pilates instructor can still give individual cues and corrections which definitely improves the results..


The sessions are never the same so the challenges are a changing page. In Our Small Group seesion  you can experience many different pieces of Pilates apparatus within the class.

Cheaper than a Private

You get a semi personalised session, with exercises included to meet specific needs of individuals  – plus you get to do it with friends.

Terms and Conditions


All studio appointments and small group studio sessions are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel prior to 24-hours in advance you will be charged for the full amount of the scheduled session.

Matwork class term fees are non-refundable however missed classes can be made up for during the term. Matwork classes cannot be transferred to other people.


All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance. We accept payment by cash and direct debit.  

If you wish to pay by direct debit/online our details are ANZ: 06 0317 0653974 00


Please wear clothing that you feel comfortable in. Your clothing must allow you to move with freedom and that is not too baggy. Please select clothing that is not too short or revealing.

cell phones

It would be appreciated if all cellphones could be left on silent or switched off and left in the changing rooms (except in emergencies). 

medical conditions and injury

Your teacher is a qualified and insured Pilates matclass or studio teacher and as part of attending classes at Progressive Pilates we ask you to agree to the following:

  • I understand that all exercise carries a risk of injury and will take responsibility for my own body.
  • I will tell the teacher of anything painful / unusual I experience in the class and between classes.
  • I will stop doing the exercise if I or s/he thinks I need to, or follow the alternatives my teacher gives me.
  • I will keep my teacher updated on any changes in my medical condition.


Doing Pilates while you are pregnant can benefit both you and your baby. However, it is very important that you modify your exercise programme to keep you both safe. Please tell your instructor as soon as you think you might be pregnant - they will keep this information in their utmost confidence.

please note:

If you are struggling with anything in your class, have any problems or concerns, do please let us know as soon as you can, and we will do our best to help.