Our Story

Established in 2002, Progressive Pilates has grown from dragging mats around church halls and community centres to operating out of a purpose designed studio in Hamilton. From our beginnings with a few trustworthy, curious and enthusiastic women we now provide a wide range of Pilates information to a much larger but equally enthusiastic client base.

Our Studio

This is where the magic happens. From a rundown periodic detention centre, we designed and created Progressive Pilates -  a modern, comfortable studio where our staff and clients can excel and achieve together.   You won't feel intimidated in the warm, informal and relaxed environment that awaits you.

Our Instructors

We have a small but special group of STOTT PILATES® trained instructors. At Progressive Pilates our experienced instructors are encouraged to understand as much as we can about our clients. By displaying an empathetic approach to our clients needs we form a closer and hopefully longer lasting relationship with them.

Our Clients

Many of our clients have been with us since we began. For some Pilates has become an addiction for which they must get their weekly fix. Aside from the physical and well-being benefits of the method our clients prize the stories shared, friendships forged, laughs to be had and the coffees after class. See what our clients have to say here