What You Can Expect.

In a Small Group Session you will be taken through a classically ordered class that will either begin on the Reformer or the Mat. After the first 30 minutes or so the class moves to another apparatus station, which could be the Chairs, Barrels, Jumpboard, Magic Circles and more. The pace of the class is dependant on the experience level of the group.  You will be matched with a group of similar ability and understanding.


It is necessary that you take at least 5 private sessions before we can place you in to a Small Group Session.  Knowledge and familiarity of the equipment and exercises, the dos and don’ts when handling the equipment, and a basic grasp of the cues and techniques used are important to have down pat before sharing the dynamic nature of the Small Group Session with others.

Top 5 benefits of a Small Group Session


The building of a united team with the others in your session.  The laughs are plenty, the stories shared are many, and the time together is a highlight of each week.


With only 4 people in the class, the Pilates instructor can still give individual cues and corrections which definitely improves the results.


The sessions are never the same so the challenges are a changing page. In Small Group Sessions  you can experience many different pieces of apparatus within the class.


You get a semi-personalised session, with exercises included to meet specific needs of individuals  – plus you get to do it with friends.

Cost Effective

A semi-personalised lesson that is significantly cheaper than an individual session.

Please Note: All studio appointments and classes are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel prior to 24-hours in advance you will be charged for the full amount of the scheduled session.