"a big factor in keeping me out on the court"

From struggling to survive and hour with Sonia to now feeling as though an hour at Pilates is not long enough! I can’t imagine my training regime without Pilates with Sonia.

The addition of Pilates into my training schedule has had incredible benefits for career as an elite netballer.  Pilates has improved my efficiency of movement and has isolated and strengthened muscular deficiencies that had been previously undetected.  Sonia’s expertise has reprogrammed my muscle firing patterns to recruit the correct muscles required to execute a movement (versus my prior tendency to recruit whatever muscle that was keen to fire).  This has been a huge asset in injury prevention for me.  Pilates provides the perfect balance between challenge and relaxation through the use of a variety of equipment.  

Having played over 100 netball games for New Zealand, Pilates has been a big factor in keeping me out on court. 

Laura Langman - New Zealand Netballer (2003-current)

"Way beyond the call of duty"

Sonia has been my Pilates instructor since a major traumatic accident five years ago.  Throughout my many operations, Sonia helped me to regain strength and movement with a focus on my rehabilitation. Her attention to detail and care has gone way beyond the call of duty and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her dedication, care and support. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Olivia Loeffen - Tsunami Survivor

"I wish i could go every day" 

Before I started at Progressive Pilates, I had endless neck and back problems as well as regular headaches. Sonia at Progressive Pilates taught me how to correct my posture problems. After 6 months I no longer had regular appointments with my physio. I have now been doing Pilates for 12 years and the difference in my health is fantastic.

A lot of people have noticed my improved posture and I really feel so much stronger and supple when performing my other sporting activities. Weight training in the past has always tended to bulk me up a little but I find Pilates makes my muscles just as strong but also longer and leaner. I look forward to my Pilates classes each week, and wish I could go every day.

Chris Nicholson - Pilates Convert

"she knows us all so well and expertly guides us"

I think the fact that I’ve been going to Pilates with Sonia at Progressive Pilates for nearly eight years says it all! Apart from the fact that we have fun - it’s great ‘therapy’ - I love the effect it has had on my mobility and core strength, not to mention my body shape. Sonia is professional and highly skilled. Every session is different and she is always looking for ways to introduce new elements and exercises.  She has a very ‘hands on’ approach and is careful to ensure that her clients understand and practise the Pilates principles correctly. She knows us all so well and expertly guides us, modifying exercises to accommodate our strengths and weaknesses and supporting us to push ourselves. 

I can’t actually imagine going anywhere else.

Pip Newick - Teacher

"Improving my overall function using pilates on a weekly basis"

18 years ago I sustained a back injury and suffered ongoing back pain and muscle soreness.  A friend of mine recommended that I go and see Sonia at Progressive Pilates to see if she could help me manage my back problem better. That was 5 years ago and I have never looked back. Sonia has been able to improve my overall function using Pilates on a weekly basis. She has encouraged and supported me in a very professional friendly manner and I now remain active and look forward to my weekly session with her.  

Sandy Carver - District Nurse

"working on different techniques to ensure my back was protected and strengthened"

I've been attending Pilates classes at Progressive Pilates since 2001 - it is the best studio in town! Small classes allow the instructors to spend time with each client throughout the classes, to ensure your technique is correct, and they challenge you to push yourself to your limits (and sometimes beyond!) 

In this time I've also had issues with my back - so I spent more than a year attending one on one rehab sessions with Sonia, who was amazing in taking me back to basics and working on different techniques to ensure my back was protected and strengthened - and allowing me to get back to 2 mat classes per week. 

Sonia runs a very professional studio, while still maintaining a fun and happy atmosphere. I would 100% recommend Sonia and Progressive Pilates to anyone looking for a fantastic Pilates experience.

Natalie Weinberg - Success Story

"i thought it was simply for females and softies"

Being a builder ( and ex-rugby player ) with on-going lower back pain and re-occuring aches and pains, I needed to try something different because the continued visits to physio and the osteopath just weren't doing it.  I had heard a little about Pilates over the years, but like most males, I formed the attitude that it was simply for females and softies. How could it be of benefit and challenging for me. Well Sonia and her team have certainly proved me wrong because it is.

It's been 10 years and Pilates has completely changed my attitude towards both exercise and day to day activites, such as lifting.  The gym visits are now no longer about loading machines up with as much weight as possible. I've learnt to focus and concentrate about technique, posture and breathing. Same results, less weights.

What's the saying? - "don't knock it 'til you've tried it" - it is so true. I'm just so pleased I gave it a go, I've never felt better, more flexible and fitter. Those constant aches and pains are a thing of the past. The only one not happy is my osteopath.

Steve Ross - Builder